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When night fell over Linz, actors, dan­cers, musi­ci­ans and artists took over the for­mer cel­lar thea­ter and mer­ged their work into some­thing uni­que. Led by the trio of cura­tors Cle­mens Bau­der, Julia Rans­mayr and Mar­kus Reindl, UNTEN used 23 dif­fe­rent expe­ri­ments on club cul­tu­re to explo­re how the night­club con­cept can be thought dif­fer­ent­ly and how inter­di­sci­pli­na­ry and trans­di­sci­pli­na­ry for­mats can crea­te some­thing new. The cru­cial ques­ti­ons remain: Who does the night belong to? What is ecsta­sy? How loud is silence? How bra­ve are you?

The inter­di­sci­pli­na­ry club pro­ject UNTEN made it pos­si­ble to expe­ri­ence how space, time and sub­ject could be rewrit­ten over 23 nights. As part of an exhi­bi­ti­on, UNTEN also estab­lis­hed its own hybrid expe­ri­ence space that made the inter­faces bet­ween music, sce­nic art, visu­al art and archi­tec­tu­re tangible.

Edi­tors: Cle­mens Bau­der, Julia Rans­mayr, Mar­kus Reindl

Text: Andre­as Kump, Cle­mens Bau­der, Julia Rans­mayr, Mar­kus Reindl

Lan­guage: Deutsch/​English

Details: Paper­back, 372 pages, 11,1 x 18,7 cm, 198 ills in b&w

Preis: 20,00 €