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Art Direction, Corporate Design, Poster
Ortnerschinko unten posterwall
UNTEN Finale Poster
UNTEN Stöbich Poster
02 ortnerschinko unten 2019 copyright
Ortnerschinko UNTEN Identity 1
01 ortnerschinko unten 2019 copyright
Ortnerschinko unten club 10
UNTEN Eintrittsbänder 2
Ortnerschinko unten architecture 1
Ortnerschinko unten architecture 2
Ortnerschinko unten club 9
Ortnerschinko unten club 11
12©Ortnerschinko Unten Photo Dj Copyright
Ortnerschinko UNTEN club 5


A club as an experiment, during the exhibition Sinnesrausch in the OK Centrum and the OÖ Kulturquartier. The former theatre cellar of the Ursulinenhof became the temporary Club UNTEN. Within the framework of an interdisciplinary program, on 23 nights local and international music acts ranging from dance to avantgarde, Electric Indigo to Logos, but also specifically developed scenographic settings, performative installations, and performances were presented. The challenge in this case was to develop a strong visual identity that due to its temporary nature was also perceived and (mis) understood as such right away.


A contrasting program on every level. Conceptually, as well as graphically. Inspired by conceptual club architecture from the 1960s in Italy, the dark, and psychedelic side of Alice – in reference to the exhibition Sinnesrausch, and 90s club culture, paired with contemporary, international acts. A graphic presence that hits the Zeitgeist, that distorts it, that breaks through boundaries, and yet remains integrated in the design of the exhibition format. A visual language was created that used every aspect of the format, from social media, posters to typographic, architectural interventions. The graphic elements designed assured the adaptation for every one of the 23 nights.

Photography (Key visual):
Martin Stöbich
Photography (Club):
Florian Voggeneder
Dimitris Velios
Markus Reindl
Julia Ransmayr
Clemens Bauder