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Art Direction, Poster
20190309 Ortner Schinko 9901 c Erli Gruenzweil PRINT
20190309 Ortner Schinko 0126 c Erli Gruenzweil PRINT
20190309 Ortner Schinko 9980 c Erli Gruenzweil PRINT
Ortnerschinko TFS identity 1
01 ortnerschinko TFS 85 copyright
02 ortnerschinko TFS 86 copyright
03 ortnerschinko TFS 87 copyright


During a time of over 7 years, we designed more than 70 posters for the monthly club series The Future Sound” in the Stadtwerkstatt in Linz. The format was started by the booking team Fino and AbbyLeeTee in 2011 and has been running ever since. The series is dedicated to post genre and everything that that entails on a musical level. The list of artists and labels ranges from Project Mooncircle and Ghostly Records all the way to Stones Throw Records.


The basis of the design consists of samples, very much like in the musical production, transferred onto the visual level. The design of the posters adheres to a strict design pattern. The series was one of the winning poster series in the exhibition 100 beste Plakate” (100 best posters) in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland 2016.