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STWST community currency Gibling

Art Direction, Poster
Ortnerschinko stwst gibling 500
Ortnerschinko stwst gibling 5
Ortnerschinko stwst gibling 2
Ortnerschinko stwst gibling 1
Ortnerschinko stwst gibling detail 2
Ortnerschinko stwst gibling timeline
Ortnerschinko stwst gibling poster 1
Ortnerschinko stwst gibling poster 2


The Gibling is an annual community currency of Stadtwerkstatt Linz, which gets reinterpreted every year by different artists and designers. Besides a closer examination of prevailing currencies, it should especially suggest the potential of new forms of monetary transactions. In addition to the design of the Gibling, a graphic realization was created for various printed matter and the launch.


The design of the Gibling is based on a consistent reduction in the graphic form of money. How we perceive money and its appearance, the nostalgically, glorified image of an object with a fictional historical reference, is always a product of our culture and society. Being shaped by economic structures, capitalism, the visual form always converges to a similar shape and thereby becomes a copy of known information. The only way to make this development visible and to break it, is an artistic act, an act of destruction, which is the rejection of existing, stuck systems. Through this process the nature of money is shown, which lies in the belief in its depicted value. Typographic references were taken over from elements of the finance and banking industry and reinterpreted to create a visual break.