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STWST 48X5 festival

Branding, Poster
STWST 48x5 Poster 8
STWST 48x5 Poster 1
STWST 48x5 Poster 2
STWST 48x5 Poster 7
STWST 48x5 Programmheft 1
STWST 48x5 Programmheft 2
STWST 48x5 Programmheft 3
STWST 48x5 Programmheft 4
STWST 48x5 Programmheft 5
STWST 48x5 Programmheft 6
STWST 48x5 Programmheft 7
STWST 48x5 Programmheft 8
STWST 48x5 Programmheft Detail
STWST 48x5 Poster 3
STWST 48x5 Poster 9
STWST 48x5 Event 1
STWST 48x5 Event 2
STWST 48x5 Event 3
STWST 48x5 Event 4


48 Hours of new art contexts. Totally ready. Founded as an artists’ collective forty years ago, in 1979, Stadtwerkstatt (STWST) – a living and striving cultural space― takes pride in its autonomous structure. In 2019, STWST48x5 STAY UNFINISHED, the 5th edition of its 48-hour showcase extravaganza, brings together critical producers and artists to negotiate permanently unfinished conditions.


For the fifth time O.S. designed the identity and environmental parts for the Stadtwerkstatt’s yearly Art-Festival, creating different typographic artifacts without a consciously consistent language of forms, but by visually fitting the subcultures that came out of the STWST structures over the past years together.