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Branding, Art Direction, Editorial/Book, Poster
01©Ortnerschinko Sigridstöckl Folder1 Copyright
03©Ortnerschinko Sigridstöckl Poster Copyright
02©Ortnerschinko Sigridstöckl Label Copyright
04©Ortnerschinko Sigridstöckl Photo Bag1 Copyright
06©Ortnerschinko Sigridstöckl Posterdetail Copyright
05©Ortnerschinko Sigridstöckl Photo Bag2 Copyright
07©Ortnerschinko Sigridstöckl Carddetail Copyright
08©Ortnerschinko Sigridstöckl Folder Spread1 Copyright
09©Ortnerschinko Sigridstöckl Folder Spread2 Copyright
10©Ortnerschinko Sigridstöckl Photo Bag3 Copyright


Bags and leather accessories by SIGRID STÖCKL. Soft leather, clear cuts, a noble black. Sigrid Stöckl understands how to abstract trends and turn them into style. That is how she is able to create bags and leather accessories to last the ages. The products elude ever changing fashions in their design, and thereby give a clear statement. An understatement. Classic and cool, striking and holding back, puristic and self-confident, a small, ever growing collection, gender-neutral – the designer does not see any contradictions here.


In mid-2016 the label SIGRID STÖCKL was launched in the form it has today, and for its relaunch was given a new, and internationally competitive image. The corporate design has enjoyed many mentions by the international press (It’s Nice That, 2016), and publications in specialised literature (First Things First, Gestalten 2016; or Art Marks, Counterprint 2016).

Jürgen Grünwald
Set Design:
Sarah Rieger