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After a strategic restructuring and adaption of the organisational structure in the last year, the development of a new corporate design was another fundamental mile stone for Upper Austrian tourism. The challenge was to give the brand of Upper Austrian tourism a more attractive, younger, and stronger appearance though a more simplified and flexible approach to its design.


First off the logo for the tourist board of Upper Austria was developed in an evolutionary manner. It highlights the strengths of the old logo, and underlines the brand approach of the Endorsed Brand Strategy. The characteristic typography, and the adapted colour tone brings out freshness, progress, and a new self-confidence. The simplified optics symbolize the straightforwardness of the tourism region. The images mirror its orientation towards its guests: it is in the moment and tells stories. The photography shows new perspectives on the landscapes and the people in the moment of the holiday experience.

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Michael Reindl
Robert Maybach
Norbert Tomasi
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