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Restaurant Mraz & Sohn

Branding, Art Direction, Corporate Design, Packaging, Web, Poster
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Ortnerschinko MRAZ stickersheet
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Ortnerschinko MRAZ poster 4


Mraz & Sohn is a 2 Michelin star awarded Vienna based family restaurant in Brigittenau, a worker’s district in the outskirts of Vienna. Markus and his two sons, Lukas and Manuel, offer some of the most creative and radical cuisine to be found in the city. When Lukas moved back to Vienna from Berlin it was high time to make their ongoing redefinition of fine dining visible in their branding and communication.


In a close collaboration with the client, we created a more than unusual branding and corporate design for a fine dining restaurant, as a statement on the movement and the change of perception of the industry. We integrated graphic design into the dining experience of the guests by branding several dishes on the 14 course menu.

Lisa Edi
Thomas Scherrer