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Corporate Design, Web, Poster
Lisa Edi Poser OS IMG9708
Ortnerschinko Lisa Edi Poster Back
Ortnerschinko Lisa Edi Visitenkarte back
business card
Ortnerschinko Lisa Edi Visitenkarte front
Ortnerschinko Lisa Edi Digitalaufbereitung


Through the interplay of natural light and materiality, the photographs of Lisa Edi create an immediate, compelling intimacy. A distinct sense for fashion and fabric can be recognized as a primary element in various projects. Nevertheless her practice is not just restricted to fashion labels, but stands out through interdisciplinary, occasional self-led work.


A crucial aspect is the analogue technique, that significantly affects the production, process and tonality of the works. On the website we used a horizontal navigation concept derived from the structure and mechanics of film strips, that displays and arranges projects through a stripe. The inversion of overlaying typography comes as a result of full-bleed imagery and thereby creates another analogy to the photographic negative.

Lisa Edi
Tobias Müller