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Hansi Hansi was a highly personal and intimate Bed&Breakfast in the former Belle Époque skiing resort Bad Gastein. Revitalized by friends, and run by Tina and Felix, it is the home base of the Albino Alligator art and culture collective; and that is probably all you need to know about the place. For the final presentation of this fulminant project the shown publication was put together to transport the exceptional vibe of the space and its people. Cause Hansi Hansi is forever. 


A photography book as a tourist brochure with goodies. Including every type of (dis)comfort imaginable. Documented by Tina and Felix. Photographed by Lisa Edi. Designed by OrtnerSchinko. With texts by Thees Uhlmann. Bad Gastein in a form that it will never be again. Order here.

Felix Schellhorn
Tina Neubauer
Team O.S.
Tina Neubauer
Lisa Edi
Thees Uhlmann