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AREA/Vitra New Reality

Branding, Art Direction, Poster
VOG 8096
VOG 7864
01 ortnerschinko new reality fragen
01 ortnerschinko new reality fragen 2
04 ortnerschinko new reality
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03 ortnerschinko new reality prozess
Ortnerschinko NEW REALITY Voggeneder 1
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How much space needs future? What will the architecture of the working world look like in the future? An evening at the Architekturforum Oberösterreich with Vitra trend scout and keyspeaker Raphael Gielgen for architects.


We took the two main questions of the event and asked ourselves: Which dimensions do workspaces take? How do we define space in general? What will the furniture of the future look like? We created 3‑dimensional placeholders (allegory for workspace-furniture) to visuals mind opened objects that were placed in public space.