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AREA Architekturreisen

OS thumbnail Architekturreisen
03©Ortnerschinko Architekturreise Poster1 Copyright
04©Ortnerschinko Architekturreise Poster2 Copyright
02©Ortnerschinko Architekturreise Posterconcept Copyright
06 ortnerschinko architekturreise poster4 copyright
05 ortnerschinko architekturreise poster3 copyright
07©Ortnerschinko Architekturreise Poster5 Copyright
08©Ortnerschinko Architekturreise Poster6 Copyright


AREA sets up architectural travels in showrooms and production sites every year, together with renown European furniture designers such as Vitra, USM, and Fritz Hansen und Engelbrechts. Design and production process are presented and discussed with interested architects.


Every year posters are designed that offer a basis for the program and the location, but also follow and reinterpret the original form, function, and thoughts of the designers and producers of modern classics on a design level.