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Branding, Art Direction, Poster
01 ortnerschinko area25 invitation copyright
00 ortnerschinko area25 poster copyright
AREA 25 Jahre Einladung
AREA 25 Jahre Plakat Hinten
AREA 25 Jahre Plakat Vorn
01 ortnerschinko area25 poster copyright
00 ortnerschinko area25 bag copyright
OS AREA 25 chair
04 ortnerschinko area25 bogenplakat copyright
00 ortnerschinko area25 event copyright
AREA DP Gruenwald 26


For the company’s 25th anniversary, AREA created a 200 piece limited special edition of mid century design classic of the VITRA EPC Eames Plastic Chair. The release of the chair was at the huge anniversary event in Salzburg.


We searched for the maximum contrast of the main color of the product to create the maximum visibility in advertising for the chair itself. We created event invitations, several poster campaigns, editorial advertisements and showroom designs for two company locations.

Jürgen Grünwald
Photography (Event):
Christian Leopold