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99 Problems but 1 Solution

Ortnerschinko 99 BUT1 Cover
Ortnerschinko 99 BUT1 Lisa Edi 1
Ortnerschinko 99 BUT1 Lisa Edi 3
Ortnerschinko 99 BUT1 Back
Ortnerschinko 99 BUT1 bookmark 1
Ortnerschinko 99 BUT1 bookmark 2
Ortnerschinko 99 BUT1 Spread 1
Ortnerschinko 99 BUT1 Spread 2
Ortnerschinko 99 BUT1 Spread 3
Ortnerschinko 99 BUT1 Spread 4
Ortnerschinko 99 BUT1 Mraz
Lukas Mraz
Ortnerschinko 99 BUT1 Rachinger
Philip Rachinger
Ortnerschinko 99 BUT1 Schellhorn
Felix Schellhorn


In the face of the global health crisis at the beginning of 2020, we used the time to commit ourselves to separated, self-initiated projects. Thereby our concern was to react to the prevailing situation and its limited means. The cookbook 99 Problems but 1 Solution“ includes exquisite, crisis-proof recipes by the Healthy Boy Band (Lukas Mraz, Philip Rachinger, Felix Schellhorn) and presents the first part of a book series, which dedicates every release holistically to a subject.


The design of the book series defines itself through the central approach of using every single page, including the cover, as part of a collection. Therefore the pagination acts simultaneous as a listing of the 99 plates. The lack of images breaks with the conventions of the usual cookbook market and reduces the content to a clear typographic layer. Every book comes with a bookmark depicting the full review of restaurant critic and co-editor Severin Corti.

The book is available here:
Restaurant Mraz & Sohn, 1200 Wien
Gasthaus Woracziczky, 1050 Wien
Babette´s Spice & Books for Cooks, 1040 Wien (ggf. schon ausverkauft, bitte nachfragen)
Hartliebs Bücher, 1180 Wien (ggf. schon ausverkauft, bitte nachfragen)
Hotel DER SEEHOF, Goldegg SBG
Hotel/​Restaurant Mühltalhof, Neufelden OÖ
ALEX – eine Buchhandlung, Linz OÖ

Healthy Boy Band
Severin Corti
urban trout
Frank Maria
Analogue Photos:
Lisa Edi