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When night fell over Linz, actors, dancers, musicians and artists took over the former cellar theater and merged their work into something unique. Led by the trio of curators Clemens Bauder, Julia Ransmayr and Markus Reindl, UNTEN used 23 different experiments on club culture to explore how the nightclub concept can be thought differently and how interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary formats can create something new. The crucial questions remain: Who does the night belong to? What is ecstasy? How loud is silence? How brave are you?

The interdisciplinary club project UNTEN made it possible to experience how space, time and subject could be rewritten over 23 nights. As part of an exhibition, UNTEN also established its own hybrid experience space that made the interfaces between music, scenic art, visual art and architecture tangible.

Editors: Clemens Bauder, Julia Ransmayr, Markus Reindl

Texts: Andreas Kump, Clemens Bauder, Julia Ransmayr, Markus Reindl

Language: Deutsch/​English

Details: Paperback, 372 pages, 11,1 x 18,7 cm, 198 ills in b&w

Price: €20.00