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Typo stgallen wolfgangortner
06/11/21 Talk von Wolfgang auf der Typo St.Gallen
Ortnerschinko forwardfestival 2021
07/10/21 O.S. am diesjährigen Forward Festival in Wien
Kira 1080x1080 Text Only
21/09/21 TALK bei Ladies, Wine & Design in Linz
16/07/21 RELEASE Event von Nach Unten, After Unten
Fotos und logos 7
01/03/21 This semester Kira is teaching business development at the University of Applied Science Joanneum, Graz
Ortnerschinko tirol
16/12/20 OrtnerSchinko gewinnt Tirol Re-Branding Wettbewerb
Kiraschinko neu
12/03/21 Kira is hosting the Forward Festival Munich 2021
Creative Region Kira
06/10/20 designaustria informative brunch on calculation with Kira
IMG 5148
27/11/20 Workshop Communication Design” at the FH Joanneum, Graz
YEC Am Anfang4 instagram
28/05/20 TALK via Zoom, O.S. gives an introduction as part of lecture series Am Anfang4.
OS News The End of TFS
16/04/20 EVENT The End of the Future pays tribute to an era of 90 club nights
OS News Cookbook
09/04/20 RELEASE O.S. cookbook for the crisis w/​ the one and only Healthy Boy Band
Design360 ortnerschinko
08/04/20 INTERVIEW in Design360° Magazine from Guangzhou, China about our work in club culture.
IMG 2505
16/03/20 O.S. goes home office. We keep on working for our clients and friends. Get in touch!
Ortnerschinko NEWS AREA Wien
20/02/20 EVENT AREA Store Opening at Schottenring in Vienna. 20.02.2020, 19 Uhr. With Vitra, USM and Nils Holger Moormann.
IMG 20191218 WA0002
06/02/20 EXHIBITION La Linterna World Tour (Cali, COL) and CaLinz, 06.02.2020 KAPU, Linz
Ortnerschinko NEWS Novum
11/12/19 FEATURE O.S. About catalogue in Novum magazine 1/2020
Ortnerschinko klubinstitut open flag
21/11/19 EVENT Opening of Klubinstitut OPEN festival and exhibition, OK Center for Contemporary Art, Linz
Ortnerschinko NEWS Simon Londono
29/07/19 EVENT Studio Talk with Simón Londoño from Colombia at O.S., Linz
Ortnerschinko NEWS Stoebich
26/06/19 EVENT Martin Stöbich, photo book release, Brillantengrund, Vienna
Ortnerschinko NEWS En Garde
09/05/19 TALK at Thru the Night, EnGarde, Graz
Ortnerschinko NEWS Hansi Hansi
08/03/19 EVENT HANSI HANSI is forever, reading by Thees Uhlmann, LIA WOLF, Vienna
Ortnerschinko NEWS Best Copyshop
08/02/19 EVENT Cookbook’19, exhibition from Healthy Boy Band w/​ Clemens Bauder, La Panacée, Montpellier
Ortnerschinko NEWS United Notions
20/05/16 TALK/EXHIBITION United Notions, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Paris